Traditional Thai Medicine

(TTM) Traditional Thai Medicine is as old as time and has its roots in Ayervedic principles. In TTM we understand that we all have 4 elements within us and an imbalance of these elements can be the root cause of many ailments and illnesses. TTM Doctors are highly trained and skilled in diagnostics and treatments that are tailored to the individual after performing a thorough physical examination, questionairre and consultation.


Doctor Consultation (only)

30 - 45 min: 800 THB

This is an in-depth physical examination and consultation where the Doctor receives vital information in order to be able to diagnose and give suitable treatments.

All the following treatments are inclusive of TTM Doctor assessment and consultation:

Thai Herbal Steam

30 min: 800 THB

Similar to our Thai herb steam sauna, yet for this treatment the TTM Doctor will use a specific blend of herbs that will assist in the individuals symptoms. Administered in the privacy of a either a specialised private steam bath; specific for muscle relaxation, or inhaled to clear mucus and open up the nasal passages, throat and lungs.

Herbal Mask for Skin

30 min: 1,300  THB

TTM Doctor uses powdered herbal medicines mixed with immunological agents to create a mask to place on the affected area. The mask has 2 stages of application, 'hot' and 'cold'. The 'hot' herbs warm up the body, reducing the wind element, resulting in increased blood flow. In contrast, the 'cold' herbs cools the body down, reducing the fire element which in turn reduces inflammation, the body is relaxed and calm. Herbal masking aids many skin complaints.

Herbal Mask for Eyes & Therapeutic Head Massage

30 min: 1,800 THB
60 min: 2,700THB

Using Traditional Thai Herbs with cooling properties, the main ingredient being 'Fa thalai chon' or Andrographis Paniculata is commonly used to brighten and calm the eyes. The herbs combined give relief to migraines, headaches, strained, dry and tired eyes.

Hot Herbs & Therapeutic Massage

30 min: 1,800 THB
60 min: 2,700THB

Using the principle of increasing the fire element on a specific part of the body through the application of a fresh herbal medicine that has 'hot' properties followed by a therapeutic massage on the area where the herbs were applied. The hot herbs are usually applied on the stomach; for constipation or wind relief, joints; for relief of aches and pains or back; to relieve office syndrome pain.  The treatment is for those with depleted 'Pitta" (heat) conditions.

Thai Therapeutic Massage

60 min: 2,000 THB

This treatment goes beyond a Thai massage and targets pain or discomfort that requires a specialist tailored approach. Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) Doctors conduct a thorough assessment prior to using a series of manual techniques to the "sen-sib" (10 major meridian lines). The massage is specific to the individual, and targets the problem area. This treatment can benefit many digestive and hormonal disorders as well as nerve, spine and joint pain.

Herbal Mask for Joints & Therapeutic Massage

60 min: 2,700THB

In Thai Traditional Medicine, joint pain can be caused by the blood and 'wind' flow obstruction. White clay and other anti-inflammatory herbs are used to absorb heat and relieve pain in the joint.

Thai Traditional Herbal Remedies

Price depending on amount & type

After consultation or treatment a TTM Doctor is able to prescribe a herbal remedy which comprises of herbs and minerals according to the principle of Thai traditional pharmaceutical knowledge. A TTM Doctor may prescribe an ethno-pharmaceutical remedy or herbal drug remedy that are listed in the drug list of Thailand.

Post-partum Care Program

5 (half) day program: 25,000 THB

Post-partum care program is conducted for those who had a normal labor or caesarean section birth. It is performed according to the theory of Traditional Thai medicine to adjust the balance and harmonize the 4 elements of the body which are Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire, resulting in a reduction of muscle pain, stimulation of lactation, and the prevention of other health problems. The processes of the treatment includes:

  1. Therapeutic massage and herbal compression to relieve muscle pain.
  2. Breast massage and herbal compression to stimulate lactation and to reduce maternal breast engorgement.
  3. Hot salt potted compression on the stomach and pubic area to accelerate the shrinkage of uterus and enhance the lochia excretion.
  4. Herbal steaming to stimulate blood circulation and allows muscles to relax.

Prices shown are per person and include 7% VAT