Traditional Thai Medicine

(TTM) Traditional Thai Medicine is as old as time and has its roots in Ayervedic Principals.  TTM uses a lot of the abundant and rich nutrients that are unique to Thailand  as part if the healing practices.

Practitioners thoroughly asses the clients before using a series of herbals masks, compress's and manual therapy techniques to improve circulation and  mobility.

Doctor Consultant
Duration: Initial session only / 800 THB

Thai Therapeutic Massage
45- 60  mins: 1,500 THB

Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) practitioners thoroughly asses the clients before using a series of manual techniques to the "sen-sib" (10 major meridian lines). This treatment improves many musculoskeletal disorders, increases both the blood & the lymphatic circulation systems, while rebalancing the nervous system.

Herbal Masking
30 mins: 2,000 THB
TTM practitioner uses powdered herbal medicines mixed with immunological agents to create a mask, the masks is placed on the affected area. The mask has 2 aspects Hot and Cold, The "hot" taste remedy warms up body thus, the wind element is evicted results to the increasing of blood flow, relief of muscles or joints pain. In contrast, the "cool" taste remedy calms down the body, thus the excessive of fire element is attenuated results to the reduction of inflammation, the body is relaxed and calm down. Not only balancing the body’s elements, herbal masking also aids skin disorders.

Thai Traditional Herbal Remedies
(Price depending on amount & Type)
After diagnosed in Thai traditional theory, TTM practitioner prescribes each individual with herbal remedy which composes of herbs, minerals according to the principle of Thai traditional pharmaceutical knowledge. TTM may prescribe ethno-pharmaceutical remedy or herbal drug remedies that are listed in the drug list of Thailand.

Post-partum Care Program
5 (half) day program: 25,000 THB
Post-partum care program is conducted for those who had a normal labor or caesarean section birth. This program is performed according to the theory of Thai traditional medicine to adjust the balance and harmonize the 4 elements of the body which are including earth, water, wind, and fire, results to reduction of muscle pain, stimulates lactation, and prevents of other health problems. The processes of the treatment are including:

  1. Therapeutic massage and herbal compression to relief muscle pain.
  2. Breast massage and herbal compression to stimulate lactation and to reduce maternal breast engorgement.
  3. Hot salt potted compression which is particular on the stomach and pubic area to accelerate the shrinkage of uterus and enhance the lochia excretion.
  4. Herbal steaming to stimulate blood circulation and allow muscles relaxation.