Holistic Treatments

Sound Therapy

(Private) 60 min: 4,000 THB
(2 person) 60 min: 2,750 THB

This therapy uses specific instruments that release soothing sounds and vibrations. Sessions can assist with decreasing the levels of anxiety and depression. It has been linked to enhanced memory function, helping recovery of multiple mental health disorders, tinnitus, cancer, and chronic pain.

Sound Therapy combined Hydrotherapy

(private) 45 min / 7,000 THB
(2 people) 45 min / 11,000 THB

A powerful combined treatment that elicits benefits from these strong therapies. Using sound; pressure waves are carried through the water that release vibrations, enabling greater relaxation and enhancing the sound
therapy benefits. Accompanied by the support of a practitioner to gently move you on the water’s surface in what is an intricately timed and fluid water choreography. A deeply relaxing treatment where you are taken off world and freed of negativity and stress.

Breathing Therapy

(Private) 1 session: 2,000 THB
(2 person) 1 session: 1,500 THB

Learn better breathing for health and mindfulness. Using our practitioners unique Yoga and Freediving techniques, combined with knowledge of human biology and anatomy, to help create healthy breathing patterns assisting with managing stress, restful sleep, lymph flow and metabolism.

Breathing Therapy In Water

(Private) 1 session: 3,500 THB
(2 person) 1 session: 3,000 THB

Set in our tranquil pool, breathing in water practice will illicit the ultimate release of stress & tension, taking you to the present moment and bring a new level of body awareness and enlightenment. Through immersion and breath holds your world falls silent, your awareness goes inwards where you can observe and learn a new level of control.

Physical Therapy (Rehabilitation)

60 min: 3,000 THB

Assessing and observing your kinesology can help to diagnose the root cause of acute and chronic pain; skeletal or muscular. This session will help with rehabilitation and assist with promoting relief and recovery through developing a programme of readjustment using exercise and various treatments.


60 min: 5,000 THB

Discover the way to create mindful habits that enhance your life, work and health. We teach you how to integrate mindful habits into every aspect of your life that can influence how you sleep, your decision making & success, exercise and sporting prowess.

Health Consultation

1 session: 5,000 THB

We understand that in order to live long and healthy we must look at the body as a whole. This in depth consultation examines your lifestyle, from how you sleep, what you eat and how you exercise. Also we discuss with you any illnesses or disorders and make suggestions on how to treat these.

If you are tired of being tired, and are ready to find solutions, then this is the first step to learn how. We will support and help you towards feeling stronger, healthier and rejuvenated.

Prices shown are per person and include 7% VAT