Traditional Chinese Medicine

Constantly evolving and already  over thousand years old,  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors  still use the same methods  to measure your bodies energy flow to assess and diagnose symptoms. The (TCM) doctors will then apply one or combined treatments to balance both your Qi and  Yin & Yang accordingly.


Doctor Consultant
Duration: Initial session only / 800 THB

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
30 - 45 mins: 1,500 THB
Acupuncture is one of the outstanding treatments of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM practitioner performs acupuncture precisely onto various spots of the affected and related parts of the body. This kind of treatment cures and prevents of many symptoms as well as rejuvenation by adjusting the balance of inner body energy especially reduces pain.

Cupping Therapy
30 - 45 mins: 800 THB
Cupping therapy stimulates blood circulation and allows the “Qi” energy to flow smoothly. TCM practitioner uses fire to make the vacuity in the cup then places the vacuum cup onto the affected areas. After finished the treatment, there will be dark-circled bruises, but they will disappear within 3-5 days.

30 mins: 500 THB

Moxibustion helps balancing the "Yin-Yang" energy, stimulates Qi energy as well as blood circulation, warms the Prana (life-giving force). TCM practitioner burns dried plant materials (Moxa) then places on particular points on the body or circles the burnt Moxa around the acupuncture points. This treatment is perfectly suit with those who is unable to be acupunctured.

Tui Na
30 min / 60 mins: 1,000 THB / 1,800 THB
Tui Na is the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine that is used to reduce pain of the muscles. This therapy stimulates blood circulation, relieves stress, and soften stiff muscles by kneading, squeezing, massaging, pressing, and rubbing on the Prana (life-giving force) lines. Tui Na can be used as a substitute treatment from acupuncture.

Herbal Foot Soak
30 mins: 500 THB
TCM practitioner uses warm water with Chinese herbal plants to soak feet to stimulate the circulation of blood, lymphatic and energies that flows in the feet. According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, feet is the place where the Prana lines from spleen, liver, kidneys, stomach, and gall bladder are located thus, stimulation of feet by soak in herbal water allows these Prana lines, Qi energy, and blood circulation are flow with harmony.

Tai Chi or Qi Gong
60  mins: 1,000 THB
Taiichi Qigong is the way to practice mind and body to be work harmoniously. “Qi” means energy, life or Prana that drives everything, “Gong” means to practice, thus, the combination of these 2 words are meaning to practice ourselves to reach the balance of Prana energy. Taiichi Qigong is the slow exercise along with breath practicing result to the relieve of stress, allow calmness to the body and soul, tranquility and muscle flexibility.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies
(Price depending on amount & Type)
TCM practitioner prescribes various parts of Chinese herbal plants as well as minerals or animals according to their properties which is related to the individuals’ ailment.