Scott Stevenson

Scott is an internationally recognised Mindset specialist, specialising in one:one transformational coaching; leadership mindset coaching; and improving the dynamics of teams.

In his professional past Scott has been a Deputy Headmaster, and has, in more recent years, worked with clients in over 60 countries. These experiences mean that Scott is uniquely qualified to facilitate the empowerment of individuals and effective team relationships across diverse cultures, nationalities, and people with vastly different life experiences.

Scott was the first non-medically qualified practitioner to be hired by the US Government to work with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) sufferers across Asia. He is currently one of only ten practitioners globally who is certified in the technique of Neuro Linguistic Tapping (NLT).

Assignments for which Scott has been selected include: work with the KHDA in Dubai; members of the Great Britain athletics team; corporate leaders; senior school staff; and private families across the Gulf states.