Maa Krishna Anand

At a tender age before teen, I read a serious psychological book stating the traits of character, responsible for our happiness, are malleable until we are 18. The inner voice urged to hurry up and I set off on a quest of self-betterment. One of the lucky twists of which was an acquaintance with Dr. Shultz’s Auto training Method. The inspiration for it was overwhelming. Every evening I would sit in the quietness of my room, close my eyes and begin the inner journey. Improvisation led me further. Several years later I found out there was a special name coined up for it. Some called it meditation, astral traveling, even out of body experiences. Being not a very physical person I was certain the mind has all the answers we require. And I kept searching. Lucid dreaming, past life regression, hypnosis I was compelled to learn the Truth. It seemed so close and slipped away through the fingers every time they were ready for the final grasp. High expectations and rigid control proved to be ineffective tools. So I had no choice but surrender. I quit the predictable path, fancy job, homeland…and found myself on the pilgrimage to the East.

During my first intensive course of meditation, Vipassana, I had a profound experience. It felt as though I’ve realized what the Buddha was smiling about: yes, there is pain. But once we’ve unlearned holding onto it — there is beauty and light radiant inside. It is available to us. It is available to everyone, however lost or undeserving, or complicated they feel. It might not be there for an uninterrupted eternity. But I promise you’ll find the glimpses of it every time you dare to look inside.

It’s been almost 2 decades on a personal journey. Teacher training courses, countless pages of research, given spiritual name and months of dedicated ascetic practice with the masters in my field I still don’t have the ultimate answers to all your questions

What I do know however is we are definitely not doomed by the age of majority. And every Now is the best time to uncover the layers of false believes. To see the Truth within, to find your answers, to let your inner light shine to the fullest, brightening every aspect of life and be it relationships, professional career or our precious health.

I wholeheartedly feel it is my sādhana (Sanskrit: “spiritual practice”) to help people see their reality more clearly. With pure, unobstructed vision of their own inner self and to bring about clarity, stability and serenity within.