Health Consultation

Brandi Owens

Wellness Consultant

Brandi, a Qualified Registered Nurse of over 20 years, brings her experience in critical care medicine and oncology to her work as an Integrative Health Consultant.

Brandi’s main focus in her work is de-toxing the body and strengthening the immune system. She has been in practice for over 10 years and has become an international expert in her field of Electro-Lymphatic Therapy.

Her passion for teaching has led her around the world, teaching doctors and nurses how to improve health through Electro-Lymphatic Therapy. She has developed successful lymphatic programmes in integrative medical centres and integrative cancer centres around the world through her sales and education company, “Energy Medicine Therapies”.

With her knowledge of the body and disease processes, Brandi bridges the gap between Integrative Medicine and the traditional medical model and has developed a unique understanding of how the body works in relationship to its environment and how that impacts the immune system.