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Electro Lymphatic Therapy

An impaired lymphatic system can lead to weakened immunity, colds, skin problems, water retention, cardiac disorders and even some forms of cancers.

Your lymphatic health can be restored, even in severe cases, using Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy, which is significantly more effective than conventional manual lymphatic massage (each session is the equivalent to 8 manual drainage sessions). In addition to boosting the immune system (white blood cells reside in the lymph nodes), Lymphatic Therapy improves skin regeneration and accelerates wound healing.

Unlike the venous system, the lymphatic system has no pumping mechanism to keep the fluid circulating through the body. Therefore, the lymphatic system is always at a higher risk for blockage. Blockages can occur from normal life stressors such as: illness, tight fitting clothing, lack of exercise, bumps and bruises, heavy metal exposure, and surgery. The good news is that lymphatic health can be restored even in cases of severe impairment using Electro Lymphatic Therapy.

This therapy is a one hour accelerated method of cleansing and detoxifying the lymphatic system. In a congested lymphatic system, lymph thickens and becomes sticky, stagnant, laden with toxins and unable to circulate and eliminate waste. Breaking down congested lymph fluid is painlessly achieved in a two-step process using the XP2, a state of the art, high frequency electro-sound lymphatic drainage instrument.

According to research, 80% of overweight people have a sluggish lymphatic system. A congested lymphatic system is directly connected to the formation of cellulite because backed-up fluid ‘sticks’ to the fat cells. Getting the lymphatic system running smoothly again is one of the keys to weight loss and feeling great.

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