Chivitr Philosophy

Our modern lifestyles and environment toxins directly impact our health and well-being. Long hours and high performance work that leads toward high stress, poor nutrition, lack of proper sleep and exercise, our inadequate food supply combined with treating symptoms with medication instead of the root cause which contributes all to the deterioration of our health.

There is no time like the present to hit the re-set button on your wellness, to re-establish priorities, and to take better care of your health. Retreats and holistic programmes at Chivitr Residence are much more than a short spa holiday.

We offer individualized programmes under the guidance of our team of mindful experts, physiotherapists, massage therapists and yoga instructors combined with wellness equipment and facilities that ensure they are of the highest quality and tailor made according to your personal needs. We encourage a daily walk around the lake or on the beach as well as meditations. We guide, support and provide a solid base for detoxification, nutrition, metabolic functioning, physical activities and healthy habits that can be continued at home.

Our team is dedicated to meeting your health needs by offering our best one-to-one individualized programme crafted especially for you.

 Your Health, Our Commitment.