Wae-la Restaurant

In days long past, our ancestors knew the value of taking the proper time to eat food and fully benefit from its sustenance. In today’s world, our busy and often rushed lifestyles lead us to lose many of the real benefits of eating that our ancestors enjoyed and appreciated.

For all of us, eating should be stress-free and relaxed. This allows our bodies to properly digest what we eat. Any other approach can lead to indigestion and us wasting the full benefit of the food that we ingest. Or worse, it actually harms us and upsets our metabolism and the body’s natural rhythm.

While dining at Wae-la – meaning “time” in Thai – you will be cosseted in a relaxed and peaceful environment, allowing you to really enjoy our cuisine to its fullest, while bringing a degree of sanity back to your life at the same time.

At Wae-La, you will enjoy only food that is healthy, yet worthy of a truly fine-dining experience.  We use the highest quality ingredients; including organic-only and grass fed meats, as well as seasonal organic vegetables wherever possible.  Together with a liberal use of ‘superfoods’ which will give you a blast of nutrition, Wae-La assures that your dining experience will deliver great flavours and satisfying taste sensations with food that looks and tastes great, and that helps build your health.

The Wae-la menus at Chivitr include plenty of vegetarian options, as well as a selection of raw foods. Diets high in raw fruits and vegetables have been shown repeatedly to provide health benefits both in terms of curing disease, as well as preventing disease from occurring at all

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