Healthy drinks and tea


Taking tea has been a tradition for centuries in the East and West.

Teas help to bring us health and comfort; and taking tea is meant to be done in a relaxed way, providing us with the time and mental space in which to enjoy life.

Chivitr’s Tea-Room Menu at Wae-la Restaurant features a range of imported organic green, white, oolong, black and fermented teas, including blends such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Pu-erh and Chai Tea.



At the heart of all health is good nutrition. For those seeking to rebuild and strengthen their health, ensuring that we absorb all the nutrients from our foods is critical.

Chivitr’s Juice-Bar Menu features classic healthy cold-pressed, nutrient-dense juices as well as nutritious smoothies. Our juices and smoothies feature superfoods to nurture and boost your health, and include herbs famous for reducing inflammation, healing and helping digestion. Juices and smoothies can be customised with your favourite superfood shots and ingredients.

Our Juice-Bar Menu is the core of our detox retreats, balancing great taste with health-boosting nourishment.


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