• Chivitr Health & Rejuvenation | Phuket Wellness Retreat

    Chivitr Health & Rejuvenation | Phuket Wellness Retreat


Chivitr’s holistic approach to rejuvenation has its roots deeply engrained in an ancient Eastern lifestyle and the power of nature’s healing and health philosophy. The Chinese cultural influence in Phuket is woven into its very fabric after generations of trade and social bonding. We see this superficially with the proliferation of Chinese temples and Chinese influenced buildings that abound on the island. At a deeper level, Chinese ceremonies such as the Vegetarian Festival and the unmistakable Chinese character on the faces of so many Phuketians, attest to the close bond we have with our Eastern neighbours.

The owner & founder’s own Chinese ancestral heritage made it a ‘fait accompli’ that the style of our new rejuvenation centre should follow in the footsteps of our Chinese cousins.

We set about studying the concepts and evolution of Siheyuan ‘courtyard’ houses – a style developed into villages for the people – and then endeavoured to capture that essence into building methods that we have available to us in the 21st century.

By embracing the Chinese influence in the details and importing many of the magnificent craftsman-built elements, such as our doors and windows, from recycled buildings in China, we have built a centre that we are proud to call our timeless design.

Arranging the facilities in clusters around private courtyards creates a tranquil world that transports you to a more peaceful time with a more modest pace of life that will enable you to truly relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.