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Germanium Baths

The therapeutic effects of heat therapy are available without far infrared sauna or steam room use, via germanium baths.

When experiencing our germanium bath, the hands and feet are soaked in a hot germanium solution for about 20 minutes thus working up a sweat. Interestingly, germanium can be found in extremely high levels in the water of Lourdes in France, where people today continue to travel seeking healing.

Germanium is an element found in nature, similar to Tin. The human body emits infrared rays measuring between 4 to 14 microns in very small amounts. Germanium emits nine-micron wavelength rays, the overlap may help water molecules in the body to warm up and as a result increases heat locally and improves blood circulation.

By increasing circulation without heating the whole body, a gentler, but effective sweat is induced, allowing detoxification to increase. This approach can be effective in reducing inflammation, and is suitable for those who have joint or muscle pain of unknown origin, or those who are unable to use traditional heating detoxification therapies.

Session 30 min
Price 900 THB